Instructions for placing an order

Please follow the Order Form when phoning order to (513) 251-2911. Have card series and number (if solid subject). Have prayer number, and on folders or acknowledgment cards please specify color of paper. The optional line of "Well fortified with the Sacraments of the Holy Church," is not available with prayer 007, 008, 011, 015, 027, 030 or 032, due to length of the prayer. Please specify date required and shipping method. We reserve the right to substitute a similar card when the specified card is out of stock. Please inform us at the time of order if a substitution is not acceptable.

Delivery Schedule

Cards will be delivered after 5:00 p.m. the same day on orders placed before noon. Orders placed after 12:00 noon will be shipped the following day. If there is a need for the cards earlier than this, we have special arrangements for delivery, this will be an additional charge. This includes cards ordered after noon and needed before noon the next day. You may also pick up card orders, please inform us at the time of the order when you need the cards.

Changing or Cancelling Orders

We cannot guarantee to make changes after your order has been placed, due to the fact that we begin processing orders immediately. If we can change or cancel your order you will be invoiced for the time and material already invested. If the order has been already been shipped you will receive the cards as ordered. Due to quick turnaround time, we cannot put orders on hold once the order is placed. If at the time of the order some information is not available please call back with complete information to place the order.

In Cases of an Error

Please give us the name of deceased and date of death. If order information is given to us in error, we will reprint the corrected cards at normal cost less 10%. In the event of error on the part of Kahny Printing, a new order will be done and shipped without charge. When orders are placed over the phone, please listen carefully as it is repeated back to assure the correct information is printed.

Special Prayers and Artwork

Please allow an additional day for special prayers or artwork on card. There is a minimum service charge of $10.00 for special composition orders. If you are looking for something special not shown in our catalog, please let us know and we may be able to help you.


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